Abu Dhabi City Tour

From AED 125

Abu Dhabi offers something for people from all walks of life and tastes. Whether you’re a resident or a tourist, the U.A.E’s capital is full of ample amount of things to do or places to visit. So if it’s the thrill of world’s fastest roller coaster that tickles your fancy or whether you wish to experience regions highest peak of Jebel Hafeet,

Our detailed Abu Dhabi tour is your guide and doorway to a host of exciting activities that wait in a city that has a lot to be discovered.

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Package Includes

Pickup from your hotel or residence in Dubai

Drive through world’s biggest man-made Jabal Ali port

Abudhabi Corniche

Marina mall

Sheikh Zahid Mosque

Abudhabi Heritage Village

Presidential Palace

Abudhabi Market

Emirates Palace

Ferrari World (Outside)

Drop back to your hotel or residence in Dubai

City Full of Landmarks

From soaring heights of Etihad Towers to architectural splendor of Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi city tour is your gateway to some of the most renowned and astounding landmarks in the world. One of the world’s largest mosques, Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is also housed with the city of Abu Dhabi. With 82 domes and more than a thousand columns the mosque is one of the shining examples of Islamic architecture at its best. With the Abu Dhabi mosque tour, feast your eyes with huge gold gilded chandeliers, and largest knitted carpets and so much more. The city is also home to one of the luxuries hotels in the world, Etihad Towers that offers opportunities to live, work and shop, all at one place.

Abu Dhabi’s tour will also give you a chance to explore world’s largest expo center at the dune shaped UAE Pavilion.

Parks & Recreation

Abu Dhabi also boasts offering ample opportunities to those who’re looking for some quality time with their family and loved ones. Abu Dhabi offers places like Ferrari World, YAS Waterworld, Yas Marina Circuit, Abu Dhabi Corniche, Alain Zoo, Alain Oasis, Hili Fun City and so much more. So brace yourself as you get pounded with numerous options of what you can do while you’re in Abu Dhabi.

A City of Wonder

You might have always wondered that what makes cities like Abu Dhabi exotic tourist locations because they were simple desert areas. However, the authorities in UAE realized that they cannot simply depend on oil fields as the backbone of their economy as oil fields are non-renewable resources which can wear off quickly if the use is not controlled. This made them shift the sources of the economy from oil to tourism which actually proved quite lucrative for them. This helped boost the economy and changed the futile desert areas into attractive destinations that tempt tourists from all across the globe to visit. The capital of UAE that is Abu Dhabi is no such exception because it offers some of the most amazing tourist locations that can excite, amaze and comfort them. It has something for everyone from the foodies to photographers and families to lone travelers. Once you have landed in the city, Abu Dhabi city tours will not leave any stone unturned to entertain you to the fullest and not letting a single moment dull the spark of excitement.

If you don’t know how to enjoy an Abu Dhabi city tour, then you need to book tour from agency that offers a reasonable rate. Some of the best Abu Dhabi city tour packages are given below based on the number of persons:

For a Group of Four People

If you are planning to enjoy an Abu Dhabi city tour from Dubai, then you can enjoy some of the amazing rates starting from as low as AED 175 per person. It is ideal for a person with two kids or four friends to enjoy their weekend outside Dubai in a very reasonable and entertaining manner. The low prices encourage you to enjoy this trip which also includes pick and drop facilities from your residence or hotel in Dubai.

For a Group of Six People

If you have a bigger family or you want to take your entire gang to Abu Dhabi, then you should book Abu Dhabi City Tour deals for a group of six people. As this deal offers the tour for as low as AED 155 so it is a great chance to enjoy an awesome time with your friends and family while enjoying the different exotic locations in the city.

For a Group of Twelve People

Did you ever hear the phrase “the bigger, the better”? Let’s bring it to life with the amazing Abu Dhabi city tour company that offers an Abu Dhabi City tour for as low as AED 145 for a group of twelve people. Doesn’t that sound amazing? It is certainly an awe-inspiring chance to enjoy the aerial view of the city from Jebel Hafeet or enjoy a trip to the grand mosque of Sheikh Zayed which is not only huge but also quite beautiful at such a low price.

For a Group of More Than Thirty People

Do you want greater fun? Simply increase the number of people you are traveling with so the trip sounds like a reunion or a huge party. This not only doubles the entertainment but also lowers the Abu Dhabi City Tours Price to as low as 125 AED for a group of as much as 30 people or even more. Doesn’t that sound exciting? It is a great chance to experience the amazing city tour Abu Dhabi, which will surely leave you mesmerized. This will definitely be better than an Abu Dhabi private tour from Dubai.

Mesmerizing Sites where Abu Dhabi City Tours Take You to

You start Abu Dhabi Sightseeing tour from Dubai by passing through the awe-inspiring largest man-made port known al Jabal Ali Port which is not only huge but a depiction of great architectural expertise as well. You witness the marvelous Abu Dhabi cornice and Marina mall where you can stop to shop if you have a shopaholic inside you. The next spot is one of the most prominent landmarks in Abu Dhabi and one of the largest mosques around the world. This majestic mosque has around 82 domes and thousands of columns. It is an exemplary manifestation of Islamic architecture and the heritage of UAE. You can look at the luxurious Presidential palace with magnificent chandeliers, intricately hand-knitted carpets and golden shiny decorative, which are surely going to feast your eyes. The Abu Dhabi Heritage village is also one of the main attractions for people who are fond of history and cultural studies. It depicts the rural heritage and the desert culture beautifully. If you want more shopping then the best Abu Dhabi city tour also includes a visit to the Abu Dhabi Market which houses some of the finest brands and amazing products. You can find all that you need and desire in this marvelous market.

In addition to these landmarks, there are recreational sites and parks that are a vital part of the Abu Dhabi city tour Dubai which include awesome water parks like Yas Waterworld where you can enjoy water sports and superbly exciting rides. This is to help you let your adventurous side enjoy without any guilty. Furthermore, if you are fond of animals, then Alain zoo and Alain aquatic are the best parts of the Abu Dhabi city tour for you as they will help you make the best of your trip. You would be able to see different species of animals, fish, and birds in these two spots which will totally amaze you. You can never complete any Abu Dhabi city tour without being able to go to the Ferrari world which is a major attraction for males, females, young and old alike. If you want to enjoy an Abu Dhabi city tour with the Ferrari world you would have to pay extra amount but it is definitely worth every penny. If you have kids, then one of the must-visit places in Abu Dhabi includes Hili Fun City which will surely make your trip the best ever Abu Dhabi city tour.