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Pickup and Drop Off by Bus from Deira and Bur Dubai

Pick and drop Off by 4×4 from Hotel or Apartment

Pick and drop Off by 4×4 from Hotel or Apartment. Ferrari World Ticket.

Tour overview

Abu Dhabi is the United Arab Emirates’ capital and the world’s second-most crowded city in the whole country. Abu Dhabi is the 68th much costly immense city on the planet. The tourist will appreciate especially in this city as a result of its high, tallest luxurious structures hotels, historic mosques, shopping mall, etc.

Enjoy August

Different places in Abu Dhabi city with Dubaimain, the colossal of the 7 Emirates which composes Abu Dhabi, Dubai’s most lovely and beautiful city and the capital. This city is popularly named as the “Father of Gazelle”. Desertsafaritourism offers a half-day Abu Dhabi trip to the travels which shows the enormous and unique tourist attraction like Jebel Ali free zone – the huge and man-made port, the spectacular and lovely corniche of Abu Dhabi, the unbelievable breakwater point and Arabian rulers’ original home-like Al Husa fort and many many more attractive places. Being Dubai city’s capital, there are multiple majestic tourist places that have found their house in this city.

Desertsafaritourism takes tourists through all these glorious laces and lets them experience the Arabian grandeur and tradition. The name ‘’Father or the Gazelle’’ was a tribute to the hordes of traditional Arabian gazelles and oryxs which once used to flock the Emirates’ desert. Similar to the richest cities Dubai, Abu Dhabi is also well-known for producing oil around the world.
The Abu Dhabi city trip starts from Dubai city and Desertsafaritourism passes from the enormous man-made port, named The Jebel Ali Free Zone.

Accordingly, Natural ports have always been a seduction for the individuals at any place, but this port is idiosyncratic as it man-made and exhibits the contemporary structure and advanced development at a huge scale. In that contest, after going through the port, Desertsafaritourism takes a little stoppage at the well-known Al Husa Fort. These are the best amazing places in the UAE as it shows the traditional Arabic architecture and living values of the kings who used to live there. The next most attractive place for the visitors is the is seaside.

Enjoy and learn the modernization and culture of Abu Dhabi

Desertsafaritourism promises its customers to bring the most beautiful smile on their faces with every mile they take with them. As above mentioned that Abu Dhabi is enormous of the seven emirates which shape the UAE. Abu Dhabi city tourist places are most famous after its world standard structures and services. This state lies on a T-shaped island with the Persian Gulf.

The ideal mixture of modernization, cultural and heritage. Accordingly, Abu Dhabi city travelers’ places have earned a point in the must-see and most visited area in Dubai. In addition, visiting Abu Dhabi is the most demanding place for visitors. So, plan your tour with a reliable company and have a comfortable and relaxing trip with friends and family. The most important thing to consider during planning the tour is to make sure a comfortable tourist company. If someone doesn’t choose a reliable and authentic company then it would be a huge mess for them.


  • A drrive through the world’s biggest man made Jabal Ali port
  • The Abu Dhabi corniche site seeing
  • The Marina mall site seeing
  • The Sheikh Zahid mosque site seeing
  • The Abu Dhabi heritage village
  • A visit to the Presidential palace
  • The elegant Abu Dhabi market
  • The Emirates palace view